以下は、このニュースを伝える原文です。(IGFA NEWS  メール版 2014.03.07)
International Angling Rules Change - Safety Lines   
During their annual meeting that took place in January, the IGFA Board of Trustees agreed upon changing a current rule regarding the use of safety lines. Prior to this change,
IGFA rules stated that “A safety line may be attached to the rod provided that it does not in any way assist the angler in fightingthe fish.” This rule prevented anglers from attaching a safety line to their harness, as there were concerns that a safety line could essentially bear the entire weight of the fish, rather than the angler. 
However, in an effort to make the sport safer, while keeping the intent of the rule—that the angler must fight the fish unaided, the IGFA has amended item 7 under Section I. OTHER EQUIPMENT, to read “A safety line may be attached to the rod, reel or harness provided that it does not in any way assist the angler in fighting the fish.” Again, this rule is intended to provide a level of safety but the does not  allow for the safety line going tight so that the angler may rest when fighting the fish.  
An updated copy of the English version of IGFA’s International Angling Rules can be found online here; additional languages are currently being translated. For any questions on this, or any rule,   
 please contact IGFA World Records Coordinator Jack Vitek at jvitek@igfa.org.