First Recapture of Tagged Blue

Japan Game Fish Association (JGFA) has long advocated tagging & releasing billfish, and its effort incudes cooperation with National Research Institute of Far Seas Fisheries (FSF) to use satellite-tracking pop-up tags.

A blue marlin recently caught by a long-line fisherman off Chiba area had a regular TBF tag (BF-121940) , and it proved to have been previously caught more than a year ago in Mie area, approximately 600km west. The recapture will give us a clue on the mysterious migration pattern of marlin in Japanese water. It was a fish caught by Mr. Yasushi Yamada, in a monthly tournament of JGFA's Boat Owner's League.
Congratulations, Mr. Yamada!
First capture Recapture
AUG. 07, 2005 Dec. 17, 2006
Off Daio-zaki, Mie Pref. (34°14'N, 137°15'E) Off Katsuura, Chiba Pref. (32°25'N, 142°38'E)
Weight: Approximately130kg Weight: Approximately120kg (product weight: 101kg)
497 days between captures
Apparent distance traveled: 600km
Caught by recreational trolling, tagged & released Method of capture: long line
Angler: Yasushi Yamada (Enshu-nada GFC) Fisherman: Satoshi Minobe
Communication: Katsuura Fisheries Coop - FSF - JGFA