Mr. Farwell at Monterey Bay Aquarium visited Japan.

Mr. Chuck Farwell, curator and researcher at Monterey Bay Aquarium, is a long-time friend of JGFA. He visited Japan from March 18 to 24.

He made great contributions to understanding the migratory route of Pacific bluefin tuna. He also installs tags to ocean sunfish to learn more about that migratory fish that is still full of mystery.

Mr. Farwell provided us with information on the surgical installment of archival satellite tags to tuna species. Mr. Ralph Nunez, member of JGFA International Committee, will support the installation of such tags in Japan. We asked Mr. Farwell to write an article on this activity for our yearbook 2011.
Mr. Chuck Farwell (left) and Mr. Ralph Nunez.
Mr. Chuck Farwell (right) and Mr. Hironao Ishii.