Jig in Japan

[ Question ]

Dear IGFA ,

We would like to thank you again for your consideration in admitting the jig hook rig we proposed. Here We need your input to terminology of that rig. We don't know who started this, but the jig hook attached to the line eye is currently called "Assist Hook" in Japan. We know it is a Japlish and doesn't make sense, so we want to give it a proper name just in case it becomes accepted worldwide. The names like "Swing Hook" or "Extension Jig Hook" immediately came to our mind. "Dangling Jig Hook" may have negative connotation, so it seems out. Could We have your thoughts on this?

Japan Game Fish Association(JGFA)

[ Answer ]

Dear JGFA,

We dont have any good ideas on what to call to jig you refer to.
We would simply call it a "jig" and not worry about the variation of the hook arrangement.