The 1st Freshwater Fish Resource T&R Research in the Andong Dam, KOREA

JGFA's Korean affiliate IGFAK hosted a tournament (managed by KSA) on a bass fishing reservoir in South Korea. Led by JGFA's Vice Chairperson Hiro Ishii, a team of eleven anglers participated this historic event.

Date: May 20-22, 2005
Place: Lake Andong, Andong City, South Korea
Host: IGFAK (International Game Fish Association of Korea)
Tournament Management: KSA (Korean Sportfishing Association)
Cooperation: JGFA (Japan Game Fish Association)


As a group of environmentally conscious fisherpeople, JGFA has been helping Korean fishing friends to launch similar organization in their home country. Last year, International Game Fish Association of Korea was established, and this tournament was jointly planned to strengthen Korea-Japan friendship, and promote awareness of gamefish conservation and tag & release program for the future of sportfishing.


Andong is a very large dam located in the middle of South Korea. JGFA's 11 anglers caught 46 fish over 2 days, and most of the catch (83%, 38 fish) was largemouth bass, because the main method used was lure fishing. Other catch consisted of korai-nigoi (Hemibarbus labeo), catfish and bluegill. The size range of largemouth bass was 35-56cm, most of which was over 50cm. Results of Korean anglers will be reported later.
Dr. Kim, Jong Wook, Chairperson of IGFAK, greets competitors and visitors both from Korea and Japan.
Mr. Hironao Ishii of JGFA makes speech as the Japanese team leader. "I hope this tournament acts as the catalyst to strengthen friendship between Korean and Japanese fisherpeople. I also want to see further recognition of sportfishing and gamefish conservation in this country. Let's join forces to make it happen as friends in Asia."
KSA's experienced anglers and JGFA visitors teamed up and fished the tournament, sharing boats. Aboard one boat was a competitive gal pair, which attracted large attention.

KSA competitors brought in their bass boats and functioned as the lake guide.
Tag guns were custom-made to use in this tournament.
A large bass gets tagged. We hope it will give wisdom useful for conservation.

A bass caught by Mr. Jang, Pan Sun. Andong Dam is a wonderful fishing field, with 50cm fish uncommon. Finesse fishing with thin lines less than 8 lbs were tough because fish were big.
Mr. Kazuhiko Adachi, Japanese team captain catches his share.
A 50cm+ bass caught by Shoji Matsuura, a veteran bass fisher. He scored top among Japanese competitors.

Mr. Mitsuaki Urata shows "Gocci." In Japan we do have similar species (Coreoperka kawamebari).
One Korean and one Japanese anglers share a boat.
A visit to IGFAK office. Very clean, modern and impressive.

A friendship shot of Nabe-chan and Soe-san.
All competitors, host, guests and organizers. We hope greater relationship can be built on this foundation.