The 27th International Billfish Tournament (JIBT) report

Date: July 14 〜 17, 2005
(Pre-tournament party on 14th)
Place: Shimoda, Shizuoka Pref.
Number of teams: 105 (out of which 3 canceled)
Number of anglers: 504 (plus guests and staff about 200 people)
Number of boats: 102 (local charter boats:19, private boats: 83)


JIBT this year was jointly held with Shimoda Marine Festival again, with the latter event in the adjacent Shimoda Bay Stage. On 14th, the 5th & 5th graders at Hamasaki Elementary School enjoyed cruising the coast aboard the competitor boats. In the evening, with the support of Shimoda City, a big party was thrown for all competitors, guests and local people.

Team Result

(Place) (Team Name) (Total Point) (Reference)
1. Pink Dragon 266.9 144.6kg Blue Marlin, the First Marlin on 17th.
2. Predator FC 225.0 Approx. 100kg Blue Marlin, T&R on 15th.
3. Ocean Magic Discovery 216.1 180.1kg Blue Marlin on 15th. 80lb line Class.
Winner of Team Tournament, Pink Dragon
With the first marlin on the third day, Pink Dragon came from behind to win the team tournament!
Second Place, Team Tournament, Predator FC
It released an approximately 100kg blue marlin on the first day, but couldn't keep its lead till the end.
Third Place, Team Tournament, Ocean Magic Discovery
It captured a blue marlin of 180.1kg on the first day.

Pre-tournament party
In the site of co-op wholesale fish market in Shimoda Port, the popular pre-opening party was held again. Food and drink kiosks were tended by participating teams and everything was absolutely free.
Hula presentation
The Hawaiian dance attracted a lot of attention this year again. Kids Hula was one of the best part of it!
Sample cruising and boat parade
In the afternoons of 14th and 16th, volunteer boats cruised the coast of Shimoda, with a lot of local people and tourists aboard. On 16th, Izunami of Japan Coast guard greeted the parading boats.

Opening Ceremony
The Shinto opening ceremony is the formal kickoff of the tournament, wishing the safety at sea and rich harvest.
Team Golden Bay installed a pop-up tag
On July 16, Golden Bay (captain: Takayuki Nozawa) caught a striped marlin of approximately 40kg with a spinning tackle (30lb line) after a 9-minute's fight. They successfully released it with an archival satellite pop-up tag, which will help gather data of the fish's behavior over a long span of time.
Specimen study by National Research Institute of Far Seas Fisheries (FSF)
Docked captures were examined by staff at FSF to get data on size, sex, stomach contents and age.

Korean team "studied" JIBT
On July 10, Korean Trolling Association (KTA) was established under the wing of International Game Fish Association of Korea (IGFAK). KTA is the first organization for amateur trollers. Members of KTA came to join JIBT to learn the trolling techniques and tournament management.
Award-giving ceremony
Following their first victory in 2003, Team Pink Dragon won the tournament again! They were given an invitation to fish the famed HIBT in Hawaii.
Participation of 102 teams became the record, and 700 people including guests were virtually packed in the large banquet hall. We see you all in 2006 again!